Lina Bertelli, President, Director and CEO, Company Co-Founder, has held senior management positions in her family business for over twenty years. Her work has included development of chartered airline companies and promotion of the tourist industry in East Africa. In Italy and Australia, she evaluated and developed manufacturing and marketing of jewellry in the Pacific Region. She also served as a member of the Board of the Adelaide Benevolent Society (est. 1849). As Bioconst CEO, she holds responsibilities for the Company governance, public relations and marketing. She leads Bioconst supported by her colleagues in what is the most ambitious project in her life.


Professor Mark Tester, Vice-President, Company Director, Principal Research Scientist, has held senior research and management positions in plant science for twenty years. He has established major research programs in a range of areas in plant science, and his work has included studies of ion transport and salinity tolerance, and conceiving and contributing to the development of novel computer-based systems for analysis of plant growth. He founded The Plant Accelerator in Adelaide, where he was based for 9 years, and is currently developing a new university research laboratory at KAUST. He obtained a PhD in plant science at the University of Cambridge, and held a full-time faculty position in plant sciences at Cambridge for over ten years. He has several patents in process and has authored over 100 refereed papers in international scientific journals. He has lectured at universities and research institutes in over a dozen countries, and talked and chaired at many international conferences around the world. He was, until recently, a Federation Fellow of Australia and is a member of esteemed learned societies in the USA, UK and Australia.


Stan Kabacinski, Company Co-Founder, a conceptualist and an innovative architectural designer, he dedicated his career to bio-upgrading human habitat on our planet. He organised the world's first-of-its-kind, industry-specific seminar, "Application of Genetic Modification (GM) in Architecture, Construction and Affiliated Industries", in Poddebice, Poland, 2001. In Australia, working on GM enhanced ventures, he co-founded Bioconst, teaming with business and biotechnology luminaries. He is a founder and a president of a number of charitable organisations, in particular POLONEUM Inc ( Earlier, he served as a director and secretary of the Board of the Polish Credit Union in Adelaide, where he was primarily responsible for development of an environmentally sustainable housing project. He has several patents in process, in the areas combining architecture and genetics. Recently, he established the TIIT Technology Institute Pty Ltd, which has embarked on rethinking our scientific legacy.


Peter Colbey, Chair of the Board, has had extensive experience in banking, working in the industry for over forty three years until his retirement in early 2011. During the last ten years as a Senior Relationship Executive in Commercial Banking, he specialised in Small Medium Enterprises, assisting hundreds of businesses in their banking structures and financial needs and advice.Mr Colbey is also heavily involved in Community Service matters and is a Director of Kiwanis International and President of their Glenelg (South Australia) charter. He is currently a Justice of the Peace in South Australia.


Chris Marshall, Partner at Accru Harris Orchard, is a principal advisor on all matters of financial management, taxation planning and asset protection. His work includes advising the board at quarterly meetings on specific projects involving syndication of investments and private equity involvement.
He provides valuable assistance with numerous aspects of business operations, adopting a hands-on approach. Chris has worked in public practice for over twenty years including working in Accru’s affiliate firm in London, Hughes Allen. Having joined the firm in 1981, Chris is currently the longest serving member of the Accru Harris Orchard firm. He was admitted as a partner in 1992.





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