Bioconst is adding splendour to beauty, taking flower colour to a new level with its first range of products: fluorescent flowers, or "Galassia Flowers". Fluorescence can come from an applied formulation, or it can be generated using genetic modification, the fluorescent gene having been isolated from marine species. The product appeals to consumers wanting something exotic and different, and who are prepared to pay a premium for an exclusive product.

Bioconst has now brought to market ornamental plants that emit light. Its first product, launched early in 2012, is cut flowers treated with a fluorescent formulation (“treated flowers”). These Galassia Flowers are a commercial product in their own right, as well as providing a test of the market for Fluorescent Green flowers. The company will then release its hi-tech products produced using genetic modification (GM) technologies:

  • Bioconst Fluorescent Plants, the first of which are planned for release in the Australian floriculture market in the coming years, to be followed by a roll out in export markets; and

  • Bioconst Luminescent Plants, with an expected commercial launch towards the end of this decade.

The treated flowers require both the formulation and illumination device, two proprietary products developed by Bioconst and for which patents have been submitted. These are being sold co-ordinately through florists and direct from Bioconst - see our link at our commercialisation website, Galassia Flowers. The first illumination device is for accessories, for weddings, balls and gala parties. This will be rapidly followed by illumination devices for cut flowers and pot plants.

Bioconst is marketing the first Fluorescent Green products under the name Galassia Flowers.

"Bioconst" is a registered trademark (Australian Trademark 1363704)

"Galassia Flowers" is a registered trademark (Australian Trademark 1436000)

An application for trademark has been submitted for the words "Fluoresent Green" (Australian Trademark application 1389084).


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