Consumers expect flowers to be colourful and beautiful. The emotional element is important. Furthermore, the quality expected by consumers is generally very high. For years, cut flowers in fashionable colours and forms have been priced higher than the mainstream crop. The traditional primary colours of red, yellow, white and blue always enjoy a certain demand, but the ever-changing fashions in interior decoration set the trends. 30% to 70% of consumers demand that tones be combined in harmonious or contrasting arrangements, contained in decorative pots or wrappings.

The market needs fresh ideas and innovation, precisely what Bioconst will deliver with its fluorescent and luminescent plants. These two product lines go beyond the current offerings of modified colour, achieved by manipulating levels of plant pigments, presenting instead a new level of uniqueness, novelty and interest.

Major trends in consumption provide significant market opportunities for Bioconst and include:
• Variation – consumers like to be surprised
• Increased demand for exclusive or novelty products and trendy products
• Demand for decorative pots – Bioconst will release a proprietary pot that contains illumination technology

Bioconst presents an opportunity to invest in a company with an existing revenue stream and the potential for large returns through the imminent commercialisation of new floriculture products, and the longer term development of a substantial range of floricultural and horticultural products. Bioconst's plants and their associated technologies have significant commercial prospects in the cut flower and pot plant sectors of the horticulture market, meeting consumer demand in the corporate, gift and personal use sectors for novel and exotic flowers and foliage. The worldwide consumption value of flowers and floricultural plants was estimated by Chandler & Tanaka (2007: Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 26, 169-197) to be in the range of $160 to $240 billion.

Details on how investment funds will be used can be provided in detailed cash flow forecasts. The main purpose of the funds is to accelerate the product commercialisation process with a focus on:

  • Product development

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Key staff hires

  • Regulatory approvals



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